What matters most in selecting an
IT services provider?

Of course you want top-drawer technical skills. But you’ll get the best results by forming a long-term relationship, so it’s important that you choose someone with whom you can work well, someone you feel you can trust.

Many business owners we meet think they don’t know how to manage IT. We beg to disagree. If you’re managing a small business, you can manage IT. And you should! Many decisions about IT are really business decisions. They’re yours to make, not your IT provider’s.

All you really need is information, presented clearly and without a load of jargon. Options, pros, cons, costs, benefits, values and risks—these are the criteria by which you make all your business decisions, and IT is no different. As a Nimble Systems client, you get CIO-level support to provide you with just that.

The Principals of Nimble Systems have decades of experience in IT and small business management, and we bring that to the table in our CIO capacity. We listen well. We explain things clearly. We’ll help you manage IT with the same confidence you display every day in other aspects of your business.

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