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Our multi-point assessment is designed to surface significant risks lurking in your IT environment, and to identify any additional areas that require attention. Some of the information we glean from staff interviews. Other facts come from taking a look at your servers, your network assets, and the computers used by key staff.

Our tested security assessment methodology includes:

Security Assessment

Here are the questions the assessment is designed to answer:

  • How well are you protected from risk of data loss?
  • How securely are your assets protected from unauthorized access?
  • How well positioned are you to prevent significant outages of critical infrastructure, and to recover quickly from one if it occurs?
  • At a general level, how well managed is your IT infrastructure?
  • How well can you articulate what IT contributes and what it costs?

The deliverables are a ratings matrix covering each of the assessment points and a meeting in which we’ll review the results and provide any initial recommendations.

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