About Us

Enterprise-grade IT Support with a small business price tag

Nimble Systems was founded in 2002 as Shulman Clark Associates by Carol Shulman and Mike Clark. We felt that small businesses deserved the same quality of IT support as larger businesses, and that this market was underserved.

We quickly became known as experts in mobility, helping our clients work where they want, when they want. We also became known for our business acumen–our ability to understand our clients’ businesses, to frame their technology choices as business decisions and provide clear information on which to base them. We’re known for being discrete, fair, and exhibiting high integrity. Our final hallmark is value: we know how to get bang for your IT buck.

We have always focused on service, never making money on client purchases of hardware or software, but rather forming relationships with key vendors and securing discounts for our clients by combining their purchasing power. We have always proactively managed our clients’ IT resources.

We recently rebranded ourselves as Nimble Systems to reflect the growing opportunities to deploy cloud services, both hosted and private. While not all cloud services are small-business-ready, those that are can take flexibility, mobility, and scalability to new heights and bring powerful technologies within the reach of small businesses by reducing or eliminating the high capital investment that may have been a barrier in the past.

In other words, your IT can now be more nimble than ever. We call it “IT at the speed of you”, and we can’t wait to deliver it to you!

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