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Every year the bad guys get smarter, and even small businesses may be subject to regulatory compliance in areas like HIPAA and PCI. In this environment, the penalties for neglecting your network security can be substantial.

Nimble Systems deploys 8 overlapping, affordable layers of security to protect you from malware, spam, phishing, and other threats to your network security. Download our Security white paper here to find out more.

Nimble Systems provides a wide range of information security and compliance solutions for small businesses, including:

Prevent spam and viruses from reaching your inbox

Our cloud email protection and continuity service catches more than 99% of phishing attacks, spam, and other email nuisances and threats, with the industry's lowest rate of false positives.

Store, archive and search all email communications

Email Archive allows your organization to securely archive and store all email communications. Authorized users can search and retrieve any email for compliance or regulatory requirements across the entire organization.

Block malicious or inappropriate Web content

We have multiple ways to defend your network from Internet-borne threats. Our managed anti-malware service proactively protects users from malicious content they encounter as they surf. Our web-defense service permits you to establish controls on and monitor where your users go on the web. We educate your users on how to surf more safely.

Block malicious traffic

Many small businesses use consumer-grade firewalls that aren't nearly secure enough for business use. Others don't realize that an older router may not protect against newer threats. A new, enterprise-grade solution doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Let us deploy one for you!

Do you know who is using you network?

Hackers have gotten better at penetrating wireless networks. If your firewall is more than five years old, you may not be using the most secure wireless network protection. Your guests should also be using a separate wireless network, so yours isn't open to any problems they might bring with them. Our solution to these issues is surprisingly affordable!

No one, not even Nimble Systems, can guarantee you'll never suffer a security breach. Backups are a key component in recovering from many kinds of intrusions. We'll make sure yours include everything they should, monitor them daily and do periodic test restores to help ensure that a good backup is always available.

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