Guaranteed Project Services

We’ll complete your project to your satisfaction or you don’t pay!

At Nimble Systems, we know how to do projects right:

  • You’re the decision-maker. Choosing an IT solution is really a business decision, and you should make it, not your provider. We’ll provide you options, pros and cons, and costs—in clear English you can actually understand. We’ll even make recommendations. But the actual decision is yours.
  • There’s no markup on the stuff. We help you make purchases directly from vendors we know and trust who have great products, pricing, and support. We are Dell Consulting Network members; we can get you the lowest price Dell gives anyone on any business product they sell. We have arrangements with other vendors, too, that provide special pricing for our clients. You won’t pay a mark-up on the purchases your project requires.
  • You’ll understand exactly what you’re getting. We write awesome proposals. (People often tell us we should hold classes on how to write them.) Ours make it clear what we’ll deliver, the steps we’ll take to deliver it, the assumptions we’ve made to estimate the costs, and what roles you and we play in getting it done.
  • Cut-overs are smooth. Of course we test thoroughly before you cut over to your new technology. We do as much of the work as we can during times and in ways that don’t disturb your operations. Then, on the first day you’re live on your new solution, we’re at your door when you open, and we stay until all of your users are comfortable with your new solution and people are able to work normally.
  • Our payment terms are reasonable. You pay for 40% of the services up front, and another 40% when we’ve delivered everything. You don’t pay the rest until you’re satisfied that everything’s working as promised and have a bill that details the work we did. Then, we warranty our work for another 30 days.

Best of All: If you’re not happy, you don’t pay!

We believe you and we should be crystal clear on what you’re getting. That’s why all projects start with a comprehensive proposal that is checked and approved by both you and your dedicated Nimble Systems project manager.

We do projects right! Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project.