Cloud Faxing

Cloud fax solutions from Nimble Systems work by replacing the traditional fax machine and phone line with your computer or server and email. The solution acts as a virtual fax machine: to send a fax, you attach a file containing the body of the fax to an email, which the recipient can receive via a traditional fax machine. When a fax is sent to you, it’s delivered as a PDF file attached to an email delivered to your inbox. A control panel provides access to fax status reports and logs. You can keep your existing fax number.

With cloud faxing you will enjoy:

  • Lower costs: As you can get rid of bulky machines and the related infrastructure and supplies, you will see lower monthly costs. Beyond that, many cloud fax providers charge per page, so if you only send a few faxes each week, you only pay for what you use--ideal for businesses operating on tight margins.
  • Increased reliability: There are no physical parts to fail, no supplies to run out of, no paper to jam. And if you should experience an issue with the service, Nimble Systems is right there to get it resolved.
  • Increased productivity: No longer do employees who send/receive faxes have to print out computer files and carry them to a fax machine to send them. They no longer have to scan in-coming faxes so that you can file them electronically. No one has to maintain equipment and supplies.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about moving your faxing to the cloud.

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