Why would a technical company want to outsource IT?

Being a software, engineering, or R&D company, you undoubtedly have lots of staff who are competent with computing technology. So why would you spend money to have someone else do it?

If you’re like most of our clients in these areas and haven’t yet outsourced, you probably have an engineer or other technical staff taking care of your IT, maybe even your head engineer or development Director. Is that really the best use of your technical talent?

Here’s why outsourcing is a better solution.

  • Your staff are free to focus on the jobs you hired them to do. Using your technical staff has a high opportunity cost. Would you rather your Director of Development be helping your bookkeeper with QuickBooks or focused on your own product line?
  • Outsourcing is cheaper. We can typically provide a CIO, network engineer, sys admin, and help desk—a fully outsourced solution—for no more than half of your average cost for one FTE engineer, programmer, or scientist. Not a bad deal for something that can keep your high-priced staff working productively!
  • We’ll minimize problems with proactive monitoring and maintenance. Chances are, your own resources mostly provide reactive IT support, stepping in when there are problems. Wouldn’t you rather prevent the problems in the first place? That’s exactly what Nimble Systems’ managed services are designed to do.
  • We’ll help you manage your exposure to IT risk. Even small-company IT is pretty complex these days. The cost of mistakes can be high: network downtime, security breaches, data loss, compromised proprietary info, direct financial loss—preventing these is not for novices. Nimble Systems can manage IT risks for you far more effectively than your own staff. With many services priced at a flat fee that includes problem resolution, it’s almost like having IT insurance!

We can handle your special IT needs. We have experience supporting code repositories, computer-driven lab equipment, CAD/CAM/Modeling apps and more.

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