Does your current IT provider treat you
like a bad date?

All of our law firm clients—whether fee-based or contingent—have a similar set of critical core needs. Is your current IT Provider hitting these marks? Or are they leaving you hanging?

Here’s what all Nimble Systems clients enjoy:

  • Reliability - You rely on your IT, and downtime can be disastrous. What if you can’t finish a filing in time, or miss a court date? Nimble Systems’ managed services help prevent unplanned downtime and other IT issues.
  • Security - Compromised security can lead to inadvertent disclosure of information protected by attorney-client privilege, unplanned downtime, even direct financial loss. Nimble Systems deploys 8 layers of protection to keep hackers out.
  • Mobility - Our attorneys have been able to work where they want, when they want, since before the idea of cloud services was even born. Mobility is one of Nimble Systems’ distinctive competencies, and we know lots of ways to make it happen.
  • Trust – You need to know your confidential data is safe in your provider’s hands. As a condition of employment, all of our employees go through comprehensive background checks and sign a nondisclosure that protects your information. Our clients know they can trust Nimble Systems; you won’t find anyone more discrete.
  • Support for legal apps - While we won’t replace your practice management consultant when it comes to getting the most out the app, we can and do support its IT infrastructure. We have experience with Amicus (on premise and cloud), PC Law, Time Matters, Tabs, Hot Docs, and more. Nimble systems makes sure your issues are promptly resolved and your practice management data is backed up.

In most cases, we can provide you with a CIO, sys admin, network tech and a help desk for less than half what you’d spend on a good LA. If you’re not completely satisfied with your current IT support, let us show you what Nimble Systems can do.

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