Nimble News: Meet Rachel Goldstein

When we advertised for an office assistant, little did we know we’d strike gold. Frankly, we don’t know how we ever lived without Rachel!

Rachel grew up with her older brother in a tiny town in the UP, Bessemer, MI. She was a mischievous child, and has often regaled us with illustrative stories.

Nimble News: Get to know Logan Johns

Logan Johns grew up in Ypsilanti, where he still resides with his wife of 6 years, Rachel, and their near-two-year old son Liam. Rachel teaches at-risk preschoolers in Monroe. They share their home with a nine-year-old Chihuahua named Toby, whom he and Rachel adopted as a puppy from the Humane Society.

Dan Gugins, Nimble Systems Spirit Week Winner, at work as The Shadow and (inset) dressed for Geek Day.

Dan Gugins hails from Jackson, MI, where he grew up and still lives. Dan’s earliest memories of computers involve playing video and computer games in elementary school. By the time he was a high-school senior he was taking college-level IT courses, which he says, “blew my mind—how things could interact and work together and you could control everything.

Nimble News: We’re busy as bees this summer!

June found us fighting cybercrime, investigating new technologies, refreshing our own infrastructure, up to our a** in projects, celebrating anniversaries, and somewhere in amongst all that, trying to take some well-earned vacations!

Join us in congratulating Jesse and Josh

We celebrated Josh’s one-year anniversary with Nimble Systems last month.

Nimble News: May was ‘Spirit Month’

IT support can be stressful, and here at Nimble Systems, we find that a bit of humor can help relieve it. So when Jesse suggested having a spirit month, everyone was on board. The idea was to have an adult version of the spirit week usually enjoyed by school kids (with some modifications—one day each week would have a theme and everyone would vote for their favorite costume). Every Thursday in May had a designated theme: Crazy Hair Day, Super Hero Day, Nerd Day, and Dress up as Your Favorite IT Device Day.

Nimble News – Get to know Josh Baumer

This is the first article in a new series that will be a regular part of our newsletter. We’ll use this spot to share news about what’s happening here at Nimble Systems. For May, we invite you to get to know Josh Baumer better.

Josh grew up in Milan, the oldest of four children and the son of a masonry contractor who had Josh working alongside him during the summer as soon as Josh was in middle school.